Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Definition of Life

The fight over “The right to die” or “Abortion” both revolves around the basic definition of "Life" and "Death". Don't ask most Secularists, Scientists, or Atheists about the definition of Life or Death because they will not be able to give a consistent or logical one due to the fact that they cannot accept that Life comes from a Creator.

Most of them think that life started from some cell that just all of the sudden gained the ability to split itself. They may say the definition of death as something like..."When there is no more brain activity or after the heart stops for more than five minutes"...or some other medical definition. But then how do they explain life? When brain activity begins? When there is a heart beat?

Ask a religious person and many may give the following definition..."Life begins when the Spirit enters the body and death occurs when it leaves."

There are 11 references in the Bible that have the following..."gave up the ghost and died." So, if death occurs when the "ghost" leaves the body, is it not logical to deduce that life begins when it enters?

Until we can get the scientific community to understand that life doesn't begin with the first breath of air when the baby comes out of the womb, UNLESS this is when the spirit enters the body, then we will continue to debate this very important issue in the wrong arena.

Since religious people of all denominations may have different ideas of when life begins, (i.e. when the spirit enters the body), then we need to err on the side of the soonest moment that it may occur.

Likewise, let us err on the side of life when it comes to trying to decide the fate of those who cannot feed themselves and cannot express their wishes. If someone had no hands and could not communicate that they wished to be fed, would we not assume that they did absent of some written document and not the hearsay of someone who's motive may be to have the ability to marry someone else or some other unknown reason?


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