Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Terms "Left" and "Right"

Government is all about “Force.” To Quote George Washington one more time…

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

Many of the “Universal Opposites” can be placed upon a Mathimatical Horizantal Axis, with the two extreams placed upon opposite ends of the line.

For example; The concept of Force vrs. Freedom is applicable to this principal. On the far left we find the Maximum amount of Government or Force, and it is called Totalitiarism. On the far right of this spectum we find the least amount of force or Government, and it is called Anarchy, or no government.

Wahabism/Radical Islam

Notice that Liberalism is not all the way to the left and Conservatism is not all the way to the right.

Socialsm, Communism and Liberalism fall to the “Left” side of this line because they are for more interference in our lives, while our “Republic” is found more towards the far right since the founding fathers believed that the government should be the least intrusive as possible.

Notice I said “Our Republic” and not “Our Democracy.” Ever here of the “Battle Hymn of the Democracy?” How about “and to the Democracy for which it stands?”

In a pure Democracy, might makes right and the majority pushes around the minority, while in a Republic, the rights of the minority are protected from the whims of the majority by way of the “Bill of Rights.”

There you have it straight from my Political Science professor. Left for more government and right for less government.

Ever notice that with Orwellian “Double Speak” the left uses such oxymoron terms such as “Right-Wing Dictatorship.” A "Dictator" is by definition for Maximum government control which is "Far Left."

There can not be a reason for such a term, except to try to kill the proud term of “Right Winger.”


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