Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Special Election

First, let me say that my blog name has to do with “choice.” Free Agency means the Freedom to choose. We can only effectively do this in a Free Nation.

I was a caller today on the Eric Houge show and talked to Eric about the up coming special election. A previous caller had mentioned some silly conspiracy theory about how the manufacturer of the voting machines had contributed to Arnold’s campaign and therefore the outcome of the November special election was already set. If that is the case, then no need for Arnold to spend another nickel.

Eric and I were rather amused since it is well known that people in business are interested in seeing that good people are placed in government so as to hopefully foster a good environment for jobs and business.

Tax dollars ultimately come from one source, employers. Employers pay taxes. Employers hire employees that pay taxes. Without employers there would be no one to pay taxes.

But yet union bosses and the radical left hate employers and love employees. They might wake up one day and realize that they killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

But the point is the everyday people in this great country, along with most businesses, “freely” contribute money to help the candidate of their choice. This is not the case of those who belong to Unions. Their Union Dues can be spent on a candidate who is diametrically opposed to many of their member’s wishes/issues. So, the union members are “forced” to pay for someone or some things that they are against. This is why Arnold has put on the November ballot, the measure called “Pay Check Protection.” The members get to “choose” whether or not their dues go to the Union Bosses pet politicians.

By the way, We need to watch for continued lies in the next few months coming from the special interests and union bosses, so let’s examine some that are sure to be echoed:

Lie #1 – Arnold is hurting certian groups. No, the taxpayer money pie is only so big. We sometimes have to move funds from one area to supplement another more needy area. When the legislators ruined our budget, they did it because it was too easy to write checks from other people’s checkbooks, i.e., the taxpayers. But in the end, the public workers will still be well taken care of. Remember how Prop 13 was going to ruin our needed services like police and fire protection. They will cry the same "wolf" again!

Lie #2 – Arnold is spending 80 million on this special election. No, he is spending about 40 – 45 million and it will save us a lot more than that.

Lie #3 – The amount of education spending has been cut. No, the amount of “increase” is less than some would like, but it is still going up. This is a favorite lie of the “tax and spend” group.

Lie #4 – Arnold is being divisive. No, he is enlightening the differences between good policy and bad policy. We in this great country were never intended to be together on all issues. That is why we have a two party system. It is a good thing to have areas of disagreement, not a bad thing. Divisive is such an emotionally charged and negative word. Arnold is being “clear” not “divisive.”

Arnold is a "mover and a shaker" and some of those who used to "bully" the taxpayers are getting scared.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger ziggy said...

One can usually tell how close to the truth issues are getting by the number and intensity level of the lies that are being thrown around by the tax and spend crowd. The lies are usually a forerunner to threats, such as taking away police and fire protection, or picking on programs for the elderly.

Great blog, by the way. We'll be checking back to see what's going on.

Western Alliance


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