Saturday, August 13, 2005

Religious Tolerance

When I was in Marketing, I went to several seminars that pointed out one thing that when held to the light, underscores the Golden Rule with great Clarity.

“Promote your product, don’t negative-sell someone else’s.”

I believe with all my heart that we should be tolerant of other’s religion. Catholics should not bad-mouth Protestants, Baptists should not bad-mouth Methodists, etc.

“Tell me why yours is better.”

Of course, I don’t mean that you should do it in the Blogosphere. Tell me when we are one-on-one and when I bring it up.

The above is how we should act towards others religions. With one exception!

If we believe that there is a religion that is the “Church of the Devil” then we should point it out. But, be careful; make sure it is truly the one and only “Church of the Devil.”

My feelings are that any organization that tries to destroy freedom is part of Satan’s church, but if there ever was a religion that could teach the opposite of the Golden Rule, I think we know which one that is.

You see, the Christian faiths, yes almost all of them believe in the teachings of Christ, which includes the Golden Rule. This rule can be synonymous with the word “Tolerance.”

There is one Religion that is synonymous with “Intolerance.” Do I need to say which one it is? Listen to a quote from their holy book:

“Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power. Including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know” - Verse 8:60

Did you know that one religion teaches that they must wage war to impose their religion on everyone else?

Did you know that there is a religion that has been trying to destroy Christianity for more than 1300 years and one of the defensive reactions was the Crusades? Yes, the Crusades were a defensive action, not an offensive one.

Let us be tolerant to all religions save one. And let us know who that enemy really is.


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