Thursday, July 30, 2009

Will Obama Attack Iran?

Obama may attack Iran within the next 12 months if I am reading things correctly. There are two main reasons for this possibility:

1. Obama is frustrated that he has been unsuccessful in negotiations with Iran and with Europe in his quest for other countries to help us fight the Talaban in Afganistan and in other places around the world. Other Countries such as Germany and France have told him to "bug off" when he has asked for help. Consequently he needs to boost his "savior" status by doing something on a grand scale that will get "world" attention and really do what others will see as his being able to cement his place in history as "the one" who started us on the path to "World Peace." Not to mention pick up his sagging poll numbers here in the U.S.

2. Obama is worried that if he doesn't do something soon, Israel will attack or bomb Iran in an attempt to stop the production of Nukes. Obama knows that if that happens Iran will seal off the Straights of Hormuz and this will cause China and Europe to panic and will push them into the deepest depression ever concieved because the price of oil would go up by several orders of magnitude. And China and Europe are telling him this and he is listening with the ear of a savior.

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