Monday, June 27, 2005

Supreme Court Punts

When people are looking to authority for guidance, the worst answer in the world is "It all depends."

And yet, that was the courts decision today as it made one Establisment Clause case Constitutional, and another Unconstitutional.

Justice Scalia pointed out that the Courts duty is to proclaim what the standard is by being consistent on cases. And going both ways is not being consistent.


Listing the various ways in which higher beings are invoked in public life — from "so help me God" in inaugural oaths to the prayer that opens the Supreme Court's sessions — Scalia asked, "With all of this reality (and much more) staring it in the face, how can the court possibly assert that 'the First Amendment mandates governmental neutrality' [on religion]?"

Being neutral is impossible since as both Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis affirmed, "The question of God is the single most important question in the history of mankind."

For if one is correct, the other is wrong. And either way, the answer is the most profound imaginable.

If there were no God, then the notion that there is one would be the greatest hoax ever perpetuated since the beginning of man. The gravity of a hoax of this magnitude appears to C.S. Lewis to be too inconceivable as to be possible.

By trying to be neutral, they have endorsed Atheism as the national religion, because you cannot be neutral, and by removing God from public life, we are being Atheistic by saying that Theism has no place.

By proclaiming a belief in God and his laws as being the basis of our laws, we as a Nation have always made a stand that we recognize that we are a Theist nation and not an Atheist nation.


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excellent post! I couldn't agree more with your assessment.


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