Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why I no longer Vote Democratic

Note: In most of the descriptions below, when I am talking about the Democratic Party and the Dems in general, I am mainly talking about those in power and those in positions of influence. There are a great many voters who sincerely believe in the Democratic Party, as I did in the JFK days, but are being mislead by their Elitist Controllers in Washington.

Our way of life is under attack. Mostly from radical terrorists who want to “force” their view of religion/politics on us and the rest of the world. It is also partly under attack from those on who are in the Republican Party that believe the government needs more police powers without constitutional protections, and partly from those in the Democratic Party who would think you can negotiate with people who don’t want compromise. While I object to being "forced" to convert to a religion, I always welcome those from a church who wish to tell me about their "good news" (Gospel - means good news) without any force for me to join, only gentle persuasion.

Of the three above I worry about the radical terrorists the most and then the party who would love to see us lose in Iraq so they could try to appease them instead.

Not only does the Democratic Party think we can win the war on terror by abandoning the main front in Iraq, but they believe by turning tail and running, we can some how win by loosing. Again the war on terror is a very broad front, with Iraq being the main theater. I did not agree with us going in to Iraq, but I am even more opposed to us leaving before the Iraq people can defend themselves.

Everybody knows the terrorists want us to leave Iraq too soon, that should not be debatable unless a person is more interested in spin than truth. Here in this article, "Mideast terror leaders to U.S.: Vote Democrat", from World Net Daily we can see that the Terrorist openly wish the Democrats would win the Congress. Does anyone deny that the terrorists are doing their best to send us home with our tail between our legs? I am sure there will be someone who says the terrorists wish we would stay and therefore we should vote Republican, so go ahead and see how silly that argument will sound.

The Old Media, NBC, ABC, CBS and most papers across the USA are without contradiction full of people who have liberal/Democratic bias and the honest ones will even admit it occasionally. While the talk radio shows openly admit their bias, Fox News claims to be fair and balanced. I am sure that since it is the Leading Cable News Network that the Liberals will contend that Allen Combs and the other Liberals on that Network don’t really exist or that they are by far in the minority, but I think that could be debated and they might have some points.

The left cannot stand the Military. They often will claim they don’t but then why do they fight so hard to keep the recruiters off of their strangle hold they have on College Campuses? Why did John Kerry say that I and my other Viet Nam Vets were all baby killers, “millions of them” that were created by the US government? Why did he say our Soldiers “terrorize women and children” during the middle of the night in Iraq? Why did Dick Durban say our soldiers were as bad as Pol Pot?

It is no secret that the Dems see themselves as champions of the “victim” class. Those people who need their help because they are all incapable of competing in the market place of ideas, in college, or in business without their help. They see all minorities as inferior people who must have their help. The Dems must give them daily handouts or they would not be able to make it. They quickly dismiss that their party was the party that was for Slavery. They forget it was the Republican Christians who for the most part operated the underground railroad, (unless my memory or facts are faulty.)

It is no secret that the Dems usually think with their heart instead of their brain and the proof is in the irrational belief and agenda of trying to convince us that there is no difference between men and women. Larry Summers was kicked out of Harvard for daring to suggest that men and women might actually think differently. The Dems worship science and almost a year doesn't pass that I don't read about a professor of biology that doesn't say that men and women are indeed different in so many ways that we had never realized, but the Dems never mention those professors.

I heard today that in New York there is now a law that men may choose to use a Women’s bathroom if he feels more comfortable than using the Men’s room. Which party again is “off it’s rational rocker?”

I think the Republican Party is still the closest to Conservative values, even though there are many instances when it is clear they have strayed toward the left, such as they have with their giant spending programs. But having said that, I remember the line from “Die Hard With a Vengeance” when Samuel L. Jackson said to Bruce Willis, “I don’t like you because you are going to get me killed!”

That statement about their plan to let the terrorist have Iraq as soon as possible, and their disdain for the Military along with their desire to blur the distinction between men and women, destroy traditional marriage, (they must not think it is very important because if they had their way, any two people should be able to get married including two brothers), then it must not be about raising a family, but rather just material, legal and other benefits.

Remember marriage is not about rights but about “government sanctioning” and benefits. It is “licensed” by the several states and therefore by definition each state can define the “limits” it places on that License. It defines limits such as two people instead of three or more, age limits, single adults, etc. So, it has never been about anyone being able to marry whomever they wanted. But not if you listen to the Dems.


At 9:54 AM, Blogger fetching jen said...

very good post FAR. You are correct in your analysis of the parties. The Republicans are not perfect by any measure, but they are the closest the conservative values, and certainly the least loony group.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Free Agency Rules said...

Thanks Jen, and thanks for droping by.


At 5:03 PM, Blogger mrsleep said...

The least loony group.

Now THAT is one heck of an endorsement!!!

Vote for me because I suck less than the other guy? No thank you.

FAR, I'll had to think your post through. In the meantime I'm going to a HS Football game tonight.

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Truth or Consequences said...

It is a known fact that if any Democrat wins it is a win for the terrorist. The Democrats truly want America to lose the war. They do not care about this country or the people in it only getting and holding power.

Democrats hate the military and will knowingly try to weaken the country. I really think they are working with the terrorist.
Most of the Republicans are corrupt but that is better than voting for terrorists.

At 7:16 AM, Blogger Free Agency Rules said...


I agree with you completely that the Dems positions are exactly in line with the Terrorists.

Many, Many, Many Dems are asked if they want us to win in Iraq, and for the most part, they refuse to answer the question, because they know it hurts their postion. Now, that is very sad and telling.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Truth or Consequences said...

For you to agree with that completely sarcastic post shows just how far out you and your kind are.

You honestly believe Dems want to hurt the country and kill our troops. More Dems have served yet you.. why bother you are absolutely nuts.

Demonize to win is your game and way to many Republicans play it.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Free Agency Rules said...


The Dems have repeatly made statements that they don't like nor trust the Military.

Many have said they don't like the idea that America is so strong and many have often been asked if America is too strong, and they have replied..."yes!" They think it would be better to have more "balance" in the world and not just have one Super Power.

It's amazing how many Dems agree that men and women are the same, that there is nothing immoral about sodomy and that when it comes to "Death" that it is completely binary, (black or white.)

That there is "no situation" that a man like Saddam or anyone deserves to forfit his life, and that there is "no situation" that a woman should be told she cannot have an abortion, even at 8.5 months. They are saying "all murders deserve to have their life protected, and all unborn babies deserve to have their mother terminate them." What a simplistic and backwards view. Kill the most innocent and protect the most guilty with no exceptions!

Most reasonable people agree that in the first trimester women should be able to have an abortion, but that after that it should be avoided except when the life of the Mother is at stake.

Most reasonable people agree that most criminals do not deserve to forfit their life, but that in some grevious crimes they do.

Life is not usually so simple as some libs want it to be.

When most Conservatives need a lift and need to ask for help, they get on their knees and ask God. Who is it that many on the left turn to? No wonder they are so vitriol.

Sodomy is immoral. Abortion on Demand after the baby is viable is immoral, etc, etc.

The Democrats support many immoral things because many of the most vocal in their party have hi-jacked it for a tool of the fringe Anti-God, moral relativism group.


At 3:32 PM, Blogger Truth or Consequences said...

FAR The Dems have repeatly made statements that they don't like nor trust the Military.


The rest of you comment is mostly non sense trying to defend your agreeing with a post that only a fanatic would agree with.

Your hate and partisanship is beyond the pale.

At 5:14 PM, Blogger Free Agency Rules said...

T or C,

Do you even read my post before you comment?

The Dems have repeatly made statements that they don't like nor trust the Military.


It is in my post "who" made the comments.

John Kerry, Dick Durban amoung others.

From my post in case you missed it... Why did John Kerry say that I and my other Viet Nam Vets were all baby killers, “millions of them” that were created by the US government? Why did he say our Soldiers “terrorize women and children” during the middle of the night in Iraq? Why did Dick Durban say our soldiers were as bad as Pol Pot?

Your comment " Your hate and partisanship is beyond the pale

I can honestly say that I have no hate for anyone, but then when people tell the truth, they get called names and are themselves hated, so I understand your partisan response.

Usually people accuse others of the very problem they have.

I am sure you are a nice guy and if you would just think with your head instead of your partisan filter, you might give pause to what I said.

The greatest problem with what Satan has done to this proud country is to confuse people and make them unable to see the truth because they have been indoctrinated with the lies of previous generations that have taught them.

For example, it is probably clear to you that you do not want your neighbor to interfere with your businesses, but Satan has fooled you into not being able to see that when a group called "government" does it, it becomes O.K. in your mind.

I am sure your mind will not let you see what I just reveled to you because your brain will not let you even entertain that thought for even two seconds.

It's O.K. though because you may someday be able to see it if enough people tell the truth even if it brings hate as it appears my words have. You think you know me but you don't. Because I dare to have another view you will question my motives instead of digesting the message. Your brain says, Ouch the truth hurts, please "Kill the Messenger!"


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Truth or Consequences said...

FAR I am sure you are a nice guy and if you would just think with your head instead of your partisan filter, you might give pause to what I said.

I am a republican which you probably never thought of but I assure you I am clear thinking unlike you. I do not say that to be mean but your post and comments speak for themselves.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Free Agency Rules said...

T or C,

You are right, your words do not reveal you to be a Republican. Neither am I. I am more Libertarian in my thinking and I vote for the party I believe will harm us the least. That was the essence of my post.

I don't have a mean bone in my body. Because people cannot "hear" a "tone of voice" on posts or comments, it is very possible for people to take sincere kind words as being mean, when they are merely the opinion of the author.

I think when anyone one uses the term "you", (as you did in your last comment), then if it is used in any "critical" way, it will be taken as being mean.

I was being critical of the thinking that most partisans do and was giving you a "challenge" to come back with proof that your brain will let you see the inconsistency of the following:

"It is wrong for a person to run a lottery, the government calls it a *numbers racket*, but somehow if a group of people do it and they call themselves *government* then somehow the morality of it changes."

The same logic applies with anything where when a person does it, it is wrong, but when a group does it, the morality of it changes.

Like the following Liberal mindset..."We want the government to stay out of our bedroom, but we want them in the boardroom."

I don't want them in either.

I can name a lot of things that are in the Republican Party Platform that I disagree with, but I find very few people on the Left who have an open mind and their brain will even let them list anything in the Democratic Platform that they are wrong on.

Since I have found you to be in agreement with everything that ii and other anti-republicans say, then until I see some real criticism of the Democrats, then I will make the assumption that you are just a partisan for the Liberal view even when you say you are a Repbulican. You appear to not support them so it must be you are registered as one, but are one in "name" only.

I am a registered Republican, but my thinking is about 80% Libertarian.

So, to sum up, if you took my criticism as being mean spirited, then you took it wrong.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Truth or Consequences said...

FAR When most Conservatives need a lift and need to ask for help, they get on their knees and ask God. Who is it that many on the left turn to? No wonder they are so vitriol.

It is this false view of PEOPLE that has you twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to explain why your agreement that Dems bad and hate god and country and Repubs good and love god and country.

A truly honest and moral person would look at individuals. God is not a republican even though many use god to get elected by using people like you.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Free Agency Rules said...

T or C,

Said: many use god to get elected

There are good people on both sides of the political specturm, and there are bad ones too.

I'll ask you again...Did you even read my post before you commented?

Look at the first few lines.... and the Dems in general

Do you realize how silly your comment sounded?

First, you basically said we must not generalize. Then you generalized about "people like me."

I surely hope that you realize that without being able to generalize that we would be unable to communicate with much meaning.

Please be consistant so I can know that you can think rationally.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Stalin the Shark said...

"The left cannot stand the Military. "

You're aware, of course, that we ran 60 veterans in this cycle, and that most of the new freshman class are former members of the military? And that most of the R leadership - Cheney, Bush, Mehlmann, Boehner, Reynolds, Hastert, DeLay, Shadegg, Foley, etc. - didn't serve on active duty?

What the Rs do is this: they throw gobs of cash at military contractors, pose for photo ops with the troops, and then send them into combat based on "faulty intelligence" and without body armor. It's debatable whether that is because of some Freudian hatred of people who have the balls to wear the uniform, which 98% of R congressmen and 100% of cabinet officers did not, or because they hate America. Either way, it's not a good showing. But that's all over now, because the country has returned to its senses and put the adults and veterans back in charge.

Our long national nightmare is over. Democrats, Freedom, and America have prevailed over right-wing extremism.

:-), StS <--not subtle at all

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Free Agency Rules said...

So, Tell me again why 75% of our Troops vote R?


At 9:11 AM, Blogger LNaranjoiv said...

Wow, I believe this is THE first time I've posted here.....humorous.
And lo and behold, I"m posting why?
Cause of herr stalins stupid statement, once again, about friggen " body armor " for the troops.

Wow......I guess the statement, " You go to war with the Army you HAVE not the one you WANT " makes him happy as hell, Repubs messed up and LOST the election cycle.

Then again, I believe herr or miss stalin forgets his past history in Korea. What was that unit again?
Oh yea, some scratched pieced together hod-pog unit that still had WW2 style weaponry, while the Communist North Koreans had more modern equipment. Amazing, that our forces and their antiquated Bazooka's couldn't kill the NK tanks.....rounds just bounced off.
Funny, how the venerable Mustangs and Coursairs flew BEFORE the more modern Jet fighters, and did very well for their time, even AFTER their day had passed.

Yup.....body armor......for the fruit loop Demo's, you might as well hang onto the phrase " body armor " like lice hang onto a persons nuts. Except in miss shark's case, where last I was lead to believe, FISH have none.


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