Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Case for Iraq.

First Let’s revisit some of Al-Queda’s escapades prior to Bush ever entering into office. We have the 1993 first attempt on the World Trade Center, the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the U.S.S. Cole in October of 2000. (On Clintons watch.) Oh, and 9-11 was planned for 5 years prior to 9-11-02, so that one cannot logically be blamed on Bush either.

All of these attacks were because of a “diffuse, global militant Islamic ideology that predates Al-Qaeda's creation, is locally organized and constantly recruits new volunteers. Even the usually maladroit Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, understands this: "We blame everything on Al-Qaeda, but what happened is more dangerous than bin Laden or Al-Qaeda. . . . The issue is ideology, it's not an issue of organizations." Bin Laden concurs, noting that his own presence is unnecessary for mounting new acts of violence. "Regardless if Osama is killed or survives," he said of himself, "the awakening has started."
New York Post May 23 2003

So, while some continue to blame President Bush for not focusing on Bin Laden, we can see from his own words that his death or capture will mean little.

These radical groups have been full-throttle towards the destruction of what it considers the most wicked nation on earth. Not because of anything Bush has done, but because of the perceived notion of promiscuity and homosexuality that it considers the heart of the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, the U.S.A. in general, and Hollywood and San Francisco in particular.

These groups have been looking for support from Islamic governments for decades, and the most supportive has been Iraq. Saddam was the only head of state that actually cheered in public when 9-11 occurred.

The fear is and always has been to some how keep Nuclear Weapons out of the hands of these radical groups. The only nation that continued to oppose unfettered inspections was Iraq. Saddam had been issued about a dozen or more ultimatum resolutions from the U.N. and continued to thumb his nose at them until Bush and Blair pushed for
Resolution 1441 which said among other things “Recognizing the threat Iraq’s non-compliance with Council resolutions and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles poses to international peace and security,” This resolution was also ratified by the Congress.

Because of the attacks that occurred on Clinton’s watch, Clinton had signed a Policy Statement that make the official U.S. policy in Iraq of “Regime Change.”

When Clinton left office he pointed out that not only was Regime Change the official policy, but that he and the rest of the world believed that not only did Saddam have WMD’s but that the fear of the civilized world was that Saddam would make them available to the radical groups.

Bush and Blair made “Regime Change” and WMD’s their pitch to get the U.N. to force Saddam’s hand. If Saddam had stopped resisting the unfettered attempts of the inspectors, we would quit being suspicious of whether he was planning to turn them over to the radical groups or use them on his neighbors.

Saddam had assurances from the Russians and the French that they would resist any attempts by the U.S. to overthrow his regime. He had the French and Russians in his back pocket with the Billions of Dollars from the Oil for Food scam that they were accepting. So, Saddam called what he perceived to be our bluff.

Even though no one can prove a negative, there are those who still insist that since we have been unable to prove that he moved the WMD’s out of the Country to Syria and Iran, then therefore they never existed.

The absolute best group to go to war against is the enemy that blows himself up. Pretty soon they will run out of the ones that are Kamikaze Crazy and their main weapon of fear will be gone and then they will have lost.

The absolutely wrong thing to do would be to give up now. As soon as the Iraq government assumes the full brunt of the security forces responsibilities, then the enemy will be on his last legs.

If we would have stayed in Viet Nam for one more year, we would not have 3 million dead Cambodian and Vietnamese peoples blood on the hands of those who insisted upon us “cutting and running” with our tail between our legs.

But yet, there are those in this country that would love to see us humiliated again. They love nothing more that to dishonor our country by having the world laugh at our losses. We lost over 55,000 brave American Soldiers in Viet Nam. I am proud to have served with some of those that gave their lives in the previous battle against those who at that time had their ideology of ruling the world. At least the Communists were not stupid enough to blow themselves up, or attack us here.

Humans have an inherent desire to be powerful and rule over others. If we had no police, we would see that without a “force” to oppose those groups that would rule others, we would all be doomed to constant rape and pillaging.

This same principal is applicable to those in the world who would rule other countries. If there were no armies to oppose Hitler we would all be wearing brown shirts and observing more genocide right in our own country.

These groups will continue to attack all those who will not live under their Sharia, or Islamic Theocracy, By being in Iraq, their priority for now is to put everything they have to defeat the new Democracy that will emerge, because they first want a Islamic Theocracy over there.

Make no mistake about it though, they will attack us here again and as usual, those who hate Bush will say it is all his fault and somehow if we had not gone into Iraq, they would not be out to establish their World-Wide Theocracy or somehow our decadence, promiscuity and homosexuality would no longer be a reason to attack us anymore.

So, once again, what happened to us prior to Bush? That’s right, we were being attacked left and right. So that logic doesn’t fly, but those that want to regain power here will surely use it. Anything to get back in power. Oh, and all along claiming that the Christian Theoracy is the real danger in the World today. Yep, that makes perfect sense. We have been loosing to the froces of Atheism for the past decade or more. We have lost the "prayer in school" battle, we will eventually loose almost all of the "Ten Commandments" battles, and we will have "In God We Trust" removed from our coins. How do I know, because the forces of Atheism are more powerful than the forces of Theism in the courts. The courts think that being neutral is possible when having to choose between Theism and Atheism, so they choose Atheism.

We must stay the course or the radical Islamists will be back here blowing us and buildings up sooner rather than later!

For those who doubt that their aim is World Domination and destruction of America, here is a quote from one of their disciples:

"We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world – except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule, because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history. The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews - even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew." Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris


At 10:28 PM, Blogger pappy said...

You so right, for a chilling account read Countdown to Terror. Muslim Fudamentalist and Islamic terrorist are one in the same, with the same goal.We need to Keep their feet to the fire.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger pappy said...

Just a side note to see what the ACLU is doing for war on terror read my post


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