Saturday, July 02, 2005

Iraq a Quagmire?

Is Iraq a Quagmire or are some in the Senate just wishing it was? Let us examine the definition of a Quagmire from Wikipedia first, and then examine what conditions Wikipedia says indicate it is not a Quagmire and is falsely being used to fool people.

First the definition:
Wikipedia - Quagmire

“A quagmire (from "quake" + "mire") is, literally, shaky, miry ground; as a
political term used to describe a foreign military campaign in which there is either no foreseeable possibility of victory or the objectives are unclearly defined, and at the same time no clear exit strategy has been formulated in the absence of victory. The military campaign is likened to a kind of swamp or marsh in which the warring nation is unable to remove itself.

Typically, a quagmire occurs when a major power attempts with little success to subdue a foreign
guerrilla insurgency. Often matters of national pride or belief in military invincibility are the cause of lack of an exit strategy. It is often humorously suggested that the best way to resolve the military impasse associated with a quagmire is to simply "declare victory and go home."”

Sounds like it could be a Quagmire, but only if you want it to be and don't read what follows in Wikipedia.

Now read what Wikipedia says is an indication of what is not a Quagmire: (My additions in Parentheses.)

“The term quagmire has often been misused to politicize a conflict, in an attempt to sway political support against, (the left wants us to lose so they can regain Congress and the Presidency), an overseas operation.

A key indicator that the term is being misused would be clear evidence of progress. Progress would then be measured by comparison to objectives, for example; overthrow a dictator, (Saddam - Regime Change a Bush Objective - done), form an interim government, (A Bush Objective - done), establish a home nation security force, (A Bush Objective - done), hold elections, (A Bush Objective - done).”

The Exit Strategy is also clear. Grow the home nation secutity force to where it is self sufficent, and then withdraw all but a token force as we have in France, Germany, South Korea, etc. In fact we should take all of our Forces we have in France and Germany and use them as the token force. (Then watch France and Germany say how much they like us and beg us to please come back.)

So Mr. Teddy Kennedy, tell us again how this is a Quagmire! Can you be a little more intellectually dishonest?

To those who didn't know, now you do. To those who know and just like to spout the rhetoric, the evidence that it is not a Quagmire is spelled out right here on this page. And finally to those who know and are blinded by hate, the ability to see the truth has disappeared even with this proof.


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