Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today is my 65th Birthday

Well, not much happening today...just chillin....

I am still alive and kicking, so no complaints.

I hope everyone else is as blessed as I am. I have a wonderful wife, 3 wonderful children, a really terriffic little dog, 7 grandchildren and a roof over my head.

Did I mention my computer that allows me to visit the Blogosphere?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prop 8 Battle

The prop 8 battle may very well wind up in court and if it does, I somehow doubt the people who will be there defending the "Yes" side will be able to recognize the proper way to defend against the other side. Here is the statement that they should use that can't be refuted.

Their argument is based upon "gays" not having a right that "straights" have. It is called the "Equal Protection Clause" in the Constitution.

I don't think they can articulate that position when they stick to that premise.

If they try to say that they can't marry who they love, then the argument is not about equal rights, but that one group wants to change the definition of marriage, and that is not what their "legal" argument is.

It is based upon "Equal Protection" which suggests that "straights" have "more" rights. They don't. Straights have the same "rules" of marriage that gays do. Neither can marry the same sex.

There is no denial of rights! And this is the proof:

If a "gay male" and a "straight male" both want to marry the same guy....(The same gay male), both the straight male and the gay male have equally the same rights and same restrictions. They both are not allowed to marry another male.

This and only this statement should be argued in front of the judges. Normally the other side will try to change the subject or just attack the statement, but the "Yes" side should stick to this one and only one position because it completely refutes their argument that there are rights being denied to the gay person that the stright person has under the "Equal Protection Clause" of the California Constitution. THIS IS JUST A LIE!

Try to show how one side can marry the same sex, while the other side can't marry the same sex! What if a straight male wanted to marry another straight male just to get the benifits of the marriage contract? They are denied the same as if two gays want to do the same thing.

Therefore under the "Equal Protection Clause" there is no need for a change to the Constitution, and Prop 8 was properly voteded on as an "Admendment" and not a "Change."

I challenge anyone to show how gays are being denied a "right" to marry the same sex and the "straights" somehow are allowed!