Saturday, May 09, 2009

Our Liberty continues to disappear!

This nation was founded upon "Individual Rights" and the concept is analogous to “inequality.”

The very concept of “Equality” is incorrectly tied to meaning everyone is the same economically and “thinks alike.” Hence the problem with “Politically Correct Speech.”

The thought police are out in Force. Notice what happened to “Miss California” when she merely expressed her opinion, (It happened to coincide with Mr. Obama’s, but then she wasn’t the Pied Piper of Washington), and so she is vilified.

I remember a Russian Immigrant speaking in Portland, Oregon several years ago and was questioned about Liberty in Russia. His response was that we here in America have lost sight of what Liberty really is….he said in Russia he could get on a soap box and say whatever he wanted, but the only thing was that the following week he would somehow loose his job and be told he was being moved into a different apartment, one that was somehow not as big or as nice. Notice what happens when one group finds out that you voted for prop 8? Some have lost their jobs because of speaking out by expressing their right to vote.

Individual Rights means being able to be “different.” Not just different, but different the way you want to be different as long as it doesn’t take away someone else’s right to be different. And yes, even if it offends others! There is no right to not be offended!
(And please don’t say that gay’s are not allowed to be different…. Neither Straights nor Gay’s can marry someone of the same sex, so there is no loss of freedom by Gay’s and they are allowed to be Gay!)

Which brings me to my biggest point about loosing sight of why we are loosing our Liberty….

We are letting “Group Rights” be the focus! Group Rights destroy Individual Rights!

When we allow any Group to dictate to another group, then we are truly living in a non-free society. A Democracy is where one group, (51%), dictates to another group, (49%), and thus we have the situation where the minority is told what to do by the majority. It is just as oppressive when the minority tells the majority what to do.

We are being lead down a path to where one group is telling the other groups that we all should be “equal”, meaning equal in terms of economics. They do not want to have a multi-class society, they want everyone to be “Upper Class” which is not possible, so we wind up “redistributing the wealth” of the Upper Middle Class to the Middle Class and Lower Class.

The true Upper Class will always be able to find loop holes to stay wealthy. Do you think Ted Kennedy will ever not have his opulence? John Kerry his opulence? No!!!!

The way to accomplish this transfer of money from the Upper Middle Class to the Lower and Middle Class is by taxation.

Equality of opportunity is what should be the goal, not just “Equality.” In a truly free society there must be “winners and losers” in every phase of life. It is through competition that we all grow our society to become wealthier as a whole, not by taking money from one group and giving it to another.

But there are many who don’t want anyone to ever loose, so they build safety nets in every area of our lives, and in so doing, destroy the very essence of what makes us free...the right to succeed only is there if we have the right to fail!

If everyone is the same, we can’t choose to be something different, and loss of choice is loss of freedom.