Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Recognition of true Evil

One of the biggest problems in the world today is the notion that True Evil doesn't exist, and people who commit evil are just "making mistakes" and that they were not really responsible for their evil.

All people are motivated by the desire to be happy. Even when someone is doing something for Altruistic reasons, they are still doing it because it makes them happy to help others. All actions are driven by character, not by others actions.

If you react to others, it is because you have a motive to react. You think revenge will make you happier, or make you feel better, etc. No one makes you do things that you have a choice to definition.

For example, if someone robs a bank, some will wonder...."gee, what caused him to do that?"

Nothing! He made a choice to do it!

When the terrorists, kill their fellow Muslims, some will say...."gee, what caused them to do that"?

Nothing! They had a choice to do it.

When people hate the United States, some will say, "gee what did we do to cause such hate.”?

Nothing! They have a choice to hate or like us!

This type of thinking ignores the fact that people generally act on things that they believe in or in things they believe will make them happy. People who rob banks believe that money will make them happy.

Terrorists who kill Americans in the name of God, believe they will be made happy in an after life, or in other words they do it because of what they believe, not because they are poor or we are trying to give them freedom, or we are in their country. They "hate" us no matter where we are because it is natural for evil to hate good.

"Where the hate is, there you will find the evil." We are supposed to dislike sin, and other evil acts, but those who are twisted in their thinking find it easy to "hate" those they disagree with. "Hate the sin, but not the sinner!"

While the correct view is to disagree with those who you feel are not doing the right thing, it is wrong to "hate" them. Hate is a tool for evil people. As one famous person once wrote, "hate will take you down the dark side", or words to that effect.

The reason why the Jews are so hated is because evil people and those without a spine think that someone who says that there is no moral relativism in the world, are afraid that they may be right. And that there may be a "reckoning" by someone who will say that there was a "higher standard" of right and wrong than they wanted to rationalize.

The Jewish Prophets would enter a town and preach the "truth" and more importantly, they would not just say it as their belief, they said it as a fact because they had spoken directly to God.

This brazenness of "fact" and not belief coupled with telling people how they were doing morally wrong acts, allow people to issue forth their anger and hate.

Today, we find those who are in the mode of thinking that people hate America because of something that we have done, when in reality, when you do good things and have a value system and economic system that produces the most wealthy people on the planet as far as numbers go, then you will have people showing their envy, hate, spite, etc.

South America has just as many resources as we do, but yet they do not have near the wealth. Why? Because you need competition and a system that allows success, (which must include the allowance for failure).

So, again, it is not our policies that has brought so much hate for us, it is the envy, and greed that has allowed people to do what they like to do.....Hate those who they envy.

Our wealth does not cause hate, people hate because it is what they want to do. The terrorists believe that they will be happy and will be doing God's will if they bring about Shira, or in other words, Political and Religious Law combined into one system.

If the world loved America, I would be worried. It would mean that we were just as immoral a nation as Iran, N. Korea, and others that hate us. I am glad those nations hate us, it means we are doing something right.

If you belong to a religion that eveyone loves, you better re-examine it, because the world will "persecute" the saints.

Evil hates good. The world hates the Jews because they are the choosen ones of God. If the world loved them, they should wonder if they are truely doing the things that God wants them to do.

Those that want to appease evil are doing more harm than they can imagine. Those with the....Neville "Peace In Our Time" Chamberlin Philosophy must have slept through high school history. You can not appease evil. Peace at any price usually means giving in to despots or tyrants and giving up your freedom. To Communists and Terrorists, peace means "no more opposition" to their system.

People are accountable and responsible for their actions. Neither the Devil nor circumstances cause them to do things. They have their ability to choose to do evil and to hate.

Never forget this...."People do things because of their wants and their character and not because of outside influences."

Influences build character, they do not cause actions. It is how we react under stress and hardships that define us, not how we act when things are normal or great.

"Where the hate is, there you will find the evil."