Friday, October 27, 2006

Most of Americans cannot see the truth.

The great majority of those on both the right and the left have lost their ability to see truth. Both sides have lost their perspective because of falling for “talking points” instead of thinking logically without emotion or the fear of having your worldview turned upside down.

This has led to the lack of being able to use rational thought. One blogger told me that he could not think of one good point on the conservative side. Does that really sound like rational thought? Can he really be objective when he thinks the world is so simplistic that he can reduce it to a binary “black and white” solution? Dems are right and Repubs are wrong on ALL POINTS?

The radical left does not want what is best for our country. They only want to punish the Republicans because they believe they are evil. The rhetoric on both sides is “They can do no right!” and “They have no values!”

The Left has a special way of turning off the debate in this country by just picking a conversation destroying word from the following list…. Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Bigot, Intolerant, Xenophobic, and then they think that they have won and the discussion is over because they have put you in a box and in your place. They think with their heart instead of their brain.

In reality, both sides have their values, but only a person who realizes that the first part of honest discussion is to “tell the truth” and then state your opinion is really the only one who is thinking rationally.

Both sides are being forced to choose between good values. For example, having to choose between the value of “Free Speech” and the value of “Equality.” Campaign Finance Reform is a good example of destroying “Free Speech” in the name of “Equality.” The left falsely thinks that telling the voters that they “shall not” be able to give the amount of money they wish to a candidate of their choice, is a way to provide equality, but it really stifles free speech and insures that only the rich will be able to get elected, because the rich can put as much of their own money into an election as they wish. Only someone with an open mind will be able to see the truth of what I just pointed out.

We are also being forced to choose between “Freedom” and “Safety.”

But when it all comes down to it, the side that is most right is the side that is for “Competition.” The left is for destroying competition but their brain will not let them see this important truth. Unions, Transfer Payments, Redistribution of Income, Welfare, Welfare Health Care, and Affirmative Action all are forms of destroying competition. Economic “Equality” is not a good value; it is a barrier to economic prosperity. You cannot have success without failure and the left refuses to allow anyone to fail. When someone gets “fined” in a Court of Law it is easy to see that taking someone’s money against his or her will is a form of punishment, but when it is unfair taxation, most on the left cannot see that it is a form of punishment.

The single most important reason that this country is so rich and successful is because people are allowed to compete. Competition lowers prices, and eliminates waste. As Winston Churchill once said, “There are no obscene profits, only obscene losses.” If profits are too large, then competitors will emerge and lower the profits. The Democratic Party is unknowingly destroying the Middle Class and the people who support it have lost their ability to see it.

The Patriot Act has some flaws in it; (See Conservative Judge Andrew Napolatono’s book about the flaws), the Presidents plan of holding enemy combatants for military tribunals without habeas corpus is a crushing blow to keeping the government from wielding too much power. The law is too broad, with no sunset provision and no distinction of citizens or non-citizens. At least the accused that is a U.S. citizen should be allowed to have habeas corpus, (an immediate arraignment to determine if one is being “lawfully” imprisoned), and full rights granted to those who are U.S. citizens. These are all good points that the Democrats could argue, but instead they just want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, because they cannot admit that the other side is doing ANYTHING right. Only those who have an open mind will be able to see these points.

Again, these things could be fixed if both sides would work together, but instead the party out of power will never give the other side ANY credit because it will mean supporting the other party’s power.

If the President would all of the sudden be for Gay Marriage the Democrats would all of the sudden be silent because they could no way say the Republicans were doing something that in their mind was right. Before long the public would have to say, “well the Republicans must be doing a great job, because even the Dems are saying so.” So what we wind up with is nothing but negativism about even good ideas from either side. And both sides will cheer their sides “Negativism” instead of thinking about the facts.

I was a Democrat during the John F. Kennedy days because I believed they were for the little guy. I still believe that “Giant” Corporations are Amoral and have way too much influence on all government actions, but the answer is not more government control, but rather to get rid of the legal entity known as a “Corporation” and only allow partnerships and family trusts.

Corporations have no personality or morality, while family owned businesses do. Family owned businesses might not choose to do business with the devil, while a corporation has no problem doing it. Democrats are fooled into thinking that Corporations are just for the Republicans, but in reality they are for both parties and donate large amounts to both sides so that no matter who wins, they will be taken care of. While the Democrats say they are against the rich, I would bet that there are more rich Democrats in congress than Republicans.

When the Democratic Party started down the road to “Socialism” by embracing all sorts of ridiculous anti-competition ideas, I decided to become a Libertarian. But because voting for a Libertarian means allowing an Anti-Competition Democrat to win, I must support the Republican Party.