Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is Health Care a Right?

The real issue can be properly stated this way, (and both sides will be correct if their main premise is correct, so it is crucial to get the main premise correct!)

Liberal Main Point: "Health Care is a right as much as the Police Department or Fire Department is!"

Conservative Main Point: "Health Care is not the same as Police or Fire protection because in those cases we are not talking about 'TRANSFER PAYMENTS', but instead we are talking about people DIRECTLY getting a SALARY to help whoever needs it and there is no need for competition.

We don't have competeting Fire Departments or Police Departments for good reason...we all agree that there is no need to have competition to keep the price down of those programs, but when it comes to health, we don't all have the same level of need, and therefore it is more like Car Insurance, we get to choose our level of coverage because ONE SIZE DOSEN'T FIT ALL like fire and police.

And most importantly....WE GET TO VOTE ON THE BUDGET for these things and if they are getting out of hand, we get to complain and actually do something about it.

So, in other words, we don't need to say that "We want to use the government to force our neighbors to pay for our Health Insurance, because we want to keep that decision to ourselves.

There are many things we could do to lower health insurance costs:

1. Allow interstate competition that is currently forbidden by this Administration and all others previous to it.

2. Give the tax break to individuals and not companies and make all insurance portable, with provisions for "break between jobs" provisions of various lengths that could be purchased as desired for increasing amounts and/or vouchers/tax breaks.

3. Make basic "Catostrophic" insurance so desirable that you get a rebate check if you show continous coverage for the previous tax year.

4. Allow for Vouchers that give an instant cash rebate if used to purchase a years worth of "Catastrophic Insurance" for the 50% of Americans that don't pay taxes.

5. And so on!

Also, Policemen and Firemen don't spend 10 years of their young lives and $75,000 to $100,000 getting the education and training so they can make a very nice living. If we remove the incintive to allow the best doctors to make the most money, then we will be dooming ourselves to "average" doctors at best!

And finally the "Government Option" will by it's very nature drive all other options out of business because no one can compete with an option that can print money and can therefore operate at a loss.

Competition is what lowers cost. High prices are the only cure for high prices in a competetive marketplace, because someone will always take less profit to make a profit that they were not getting before, and that by it's very nature makes the competition work harder to find ways to cut costs so they can get back the profit they lost.

This one fact is lost on the "do-gooders" in Washington who only care about winning votes by passing a law that "sounds good" but always fails. Have you ever heard of a $500.00 hammer? Only people in D.C. would purchase/pay for a $500.00 hammer but it happens in every bureaucratic department because there will always be waste and corruption when there are votes and other peoples money involved.

This administration is in bed with big pharma because it is once again all about the money!